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As a leading ‘search platform’ for institutional asset owners and from our close partnership with Pensions & Investments, Global Fund Search has unique access and insight into the work and preferences of institutional selection teams around the globe. The knowledge we accumulate ultimately makes us able to systematically identify the leading asset managers, e.g. within sustainable investing.

Sustainable investing is one of the major themes that we see among our investor-clients today, and it is a theme that is likely to play an important role in institutional investing for many years to come. Therefore, we dedicate this section of our platform to the leading asset managers and products that we, and our investor-network, see in this space.

Sustainable Fixed Income Leaders

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ESG philosophy

Aristotle Credit Partners, LLC (Aristotle Credit) specializes in ESG-integrated corporate credit investing.  We believe that integrating ESG factors into our investment analysis, engagement, and impact monitoring practices can positively influence corporate sustainability while enhancing our credit selection process and risk-adjusted performance.

The team is led by two Portfolio Managers Doug Lopez, CFA and Terry Reidt, CFA, who have been managing ESG credit strategies together since 1995 at their prior firm.

We invest in companies we deem to have positive practices for the advancement of ESG factors within their organizations and industries. Our ESG analysis also seeks to minimize exposure to companies whose ESG characteristics may be harmful to underlying creditworthiness and stakeholder interests.  Through our stewardship and engagement activities, we seek to broadly improve corporate ESG disclosure and performance.

 ESG factors are integrated into our fundamental credit research process to select credits that meet our investment objectives while providing the greatest positive ESG impact on the portfolio.  We focus on investing in companies that we believe provide transparency on material ESG data, possess higher ESG scores relative to their peers and show the propensity to improve ESG disclosure and scores.  By investing in this manner, we are encouraging ESG best practices within our investable universe.

We believe engaging in dialogue with companies on their ESG practices  provides important insights and can further improve returns.  As a source of liquidity and capital to companies, in our opinion, we are uniquely positioned to communicate the importance investors place on their sustainability practices.  To maximize the impact of our ESG engagement activity, we directly engage management teams on ESG issues while also participating in an investor engagement pool managed by a third-party service provider.

Aristotle Credit has been a proud PRI Signatory since 2015. Visit Aristotle Credit for more information and to watch our ESG Rating Video.

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