January 2023


Here are the top news, stories, observations and other interesting things that we hear about in the market, relevant for selection teams and sustainable investing.


#1 Battery tech breakthrough

Researchers develop new technique that charges EV battery in just 10 minutes. Will be a breakthrough for mass adoption of affordable electric cars.


Read the full article here (source: Science Daily)


#2 Don’t let ESG become ‘the next 3-letter bad word’ – CalPERS CEO

ESG is about managing risks and spotting investment opportunities, and should not be allowed to become “the next three-letter bad word,” CalPERS CEO Marcie Frost said at the pension fund’s stakeholder forum on Wednesday.


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#3 Empty ESG Pledges Ensure Bonds Benefit Companies, Not the Planet

Sustainability-linked bonds let companies borrow cheaply if they meet environmental, social, and governance targets. A Bloomberg News analysis found those goals are weak


Read the full article here (source: Bloomberg)


#4 Politicians say electric will save planet but truth is complicated

Many countries, including the UK, Germany and Japan, will even prohibit the sale of new gas and diesel cars within a decade or two. But if electric cars are really so good, why do we need to ban the alternatives? And why do we need to subsidise electric cars to the tune of $30 billion per year?

Read the full article here (source: heraldscotland)


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