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Asset Manager Research & Selection


Global Fund Search connects Institutional Investors with the leading Asset Managers across the globe and within all asset classes.

We do this by means of a highly specialized online search platform combined with an open architecture investment database that is free of charge to both Asset Managers and Institutional Investors/Advisors

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The leading news and information source for
global asset owners and asset managers.

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Investment theme

Finding the ESG Leaders

Sustainable investing is one of the major themes that we see

among our investor-clients today, and it is a theme that is likely

to play an important role in institutional investing for many

years to come. Therefore, we dedicate a section of our

platform to the leading asset managers and products that we,

and our investor-network, see in this space.


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Sustainable Equity leaders

Sustainable Fixed Income leaders

Sustainable Real Assets leaders

ESG Handbook

GFS Handbook

Launched in collaboration with nordsip

ESG leadership is a status that most institutional asset managers are looking to attain; however, it can be difficult for investors to see through the marketing (and potential greenwashing) that is also a part of the game when significant amounts of assets flow towards a specific investment theme.

Therefore, the ESG Leaders program and the ESG Handbook attempt to identify the ESG leaders and thereby support institutional selection teams in their (re)search for external asset managers.

What we provide

Institutional Investors

  • Free, anonymous search platform
  • Unparalleled access to managers across the globe and within all asset classes
  • Customized reporting to fit your process
  • Active search process managed by GFS
  • Transparent and open architecture

Investment consultants

  • Enhance your manager search capabilities
  • Unlimited free searches
  • Use our scale to leverage your own process
  • Fully transparent process
  • Active search process managed by GFS

Asset Managers

  • Direct access to qualified institutional mandates
  • Free profile listing
  • Only pay for the searches in which you participate
  • Complimentary feedback on your progress
  • Access to unique peer group data

Unmatched product depth

The Global Fund Search platform provides institutional investors with unmatched product depth across all asset classes and geographies.

The platform is supported by Pensions & Investments, the leading provider of news, research and analytics for the global asset management industry.

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FREE information sharing

We like free information sharing, and for this reason we feature a 100% free document sharing facility for both asset managers and institutional investors. Make your firm visible today and start collecting institutional leads for free!

The document sharing facility is only available to asset owners who have a clearly defined role as a selection professional involved in the selection of external asset managers. The facility is fully compliant and safe i.e. you can manage the information according to your own rules and internal compliance guidelines. Sign up as an asset manager today and get started!
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Open Architecture

We believe in open architecture principles where e.g. any (approved) asset manager can access our platform, feature themselves in our investment database and distribute data to third parties for free.

No subscriptions, no secret networks for those who are willing to pay or any other proprietary schemes.

Let the best asset managers get in touch with the institutional investors!


The Global Fund Search platform (GFS platform) is designed as an information service for professional investors, and to facilitate communications and information exchange between professional Investors and Asset Managers covering both listed assets and alternative assets e.g. equity, fixed income, private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and hedge funds.

Investors and Asset Managers using the GFS platform do not undertake any form of general advertising or solicitation and do not make a public offering of securities. Only accredited investors and asset managers are able to access the GFS platform. The GFS platform (as defined by SEC, and the equivalent in other jurisdictions).

(free) and read the full compliance documentation

Encrypted & Safe

Asset Managers and Institutional Investors will need approval before getting access to the platform. Only qualified professional institutional investors and asset managers will get access.

Our website is encrypted and so are our servers.