June 2022




Here are the top news, stories, observations and other interesting things that we hear about in the market, with relevance for selection teams and sustainable investing.


#1 Northern European Asset Owners’ ESG Priorities Laid Bare

The main sustainability-related priorities and frustrations of Northern European institutional investors are highlighted in a survey commissioned by American Century Investments and carried out by Danish consultant Jesper Kirstein. Focusing on equity investing, the study includes the input from 41 investors from the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland with total assets under management of EUR 1.4 trillion.


Read the full article here  (source: NordSIP)


#2 Key EU Parliament Groups Reject Green Label for Gas & Nuclear

Two crucial committees of European lawmakers rejected plans to label gas and nuclear power as green, marking a win for climate campaigners and environmentally conscious investors who have protested against plans to use the technologies in the energy transition.


Read the full article here  (source: Pensions & Investments)


#3 EU Must Get Smarter to Lead on Climate Change

Climate change is a real and man-made problem that should be tackled sensibly. Yet, the impacts are often dramatically exaggerated. The UN Climate Panel estimates that the negative impact of climate in the 2070s will be equivalent to reducing the average income by between 0.2-2%. By then, the UN predicts the average global income will have increased by 362%. Factoring in climate change means it will feel like incomes have increased by 356%. That is clearly a problem, but not Armageddon.


Read the full article here (source: Euractiv)


#4 Sustainable Private Assets – Round Table Insights (NordSIP)

NordSIP brought together six hands-on experts in private assets investments to discuss relevant themes. They were able to share their real-life experiences of the process of adaptation, with perspectives from both sides of the table. Given the challenges of integrating sustainability in illiquid asset classes, they expressed perhaps unexpected appreciation for the help and guidance offered by regulators and called for more dialogue and collaboration among investors.


Access the full round table insights here  (source: NordSIP)


NordSIP Insights– ESG Integration Case Book 2022

For the 2022 ESG Integration Casebook, eleven Nordic asset managers shared their thoughts on the sustainability of weapons and how the current geopolitical situation has changed their perspective on the defence industry. It seems end-investor demand comes in handy when it comes to calibrating the moral compass.


Access the full NordSIP Handbook here  (source: NordSIP)

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