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Investment theme

Finding the Sustainable Investment Leaders

Sustainable investing is one of the major themes that we see

among our investor-clients today, and it is a theme that is likely

to play an important role in institutional investing for many

years to come. Therefore, we dedicate a section of our

platform to the leading asset managers and products that we,

and our investor-network, see in this space.


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ESG News Updates

Sustainable Equity leaders

Sustainable Fixed Income leaders

Sustainable Private Markets leaders

ESG Handbook

GFS Handbook

Launched in collaboration with nordsip

ESG leadership is a status that most institutional asset managers are looking to attain; however, it can be difficult for investors to see through the marketing (and potential greenwashing) that is also a part of the game when significant amounts of assets flow towards a specific investment theme.

Therefore, the ESG Leaders program and the ESG Handbook attempt to identify the ESG leaders and thereby support institutional selection teams in their (re)search for external asset managers.