October 2022




Here are the top news, stories, observations and other interesting things that we hear about in the market, relevant for selection teams and sustainable investing.


#1 Fifty million slaves, 86% in the private sector – Here’s what ESG investors can do

Today, fifty million people worldwide are trapped in slavery, either forced to work against their will or forced into a marriage. According to new global estimates, this has presented a significant rise over the past five years. Read the block post from ESG on a Sunday to learn more about how investors can act in this regard.


Read the full article here (source: ESG on a Sunday)


#2 ESG data providers under scrutiny

Recently, ESG-rating providers have come under scrutiny over concerns about the reliability of their assessments. These concerns are examined in a recent academic study that concludes that significant shortcomings exist in the objectives, methodologies, and incentives of the rating providers.


Read the full article here (sources: SSRN, ESG on a Sunday)


#3 ETF managers more conservative regarding ESG disclosure, Sage report finds

A “noticeable decline” in the level of ETF manager disclosure and transparency — likely tied to increased regulatory scrutiny — was among trends cited in Sage Advisory Services’ latest annual exchange-traded fund stewardship report released in September 2022. Regulators fear “greenwashing”, which might lead to asset managers disclosing less information.


Read the full article here (source: Pensions & Investments)


#4 NBIM releases new 2050 climate action plan to reach net-zero

The plan describes NBIM’s approach to managing climate risks and opportunities. It sets out the actions the manager aims to take between 2022 and 2025, targeted at improving market standards, increasing portfolio resilience, and effectively engaging with portfolio companies. “At the heart of our efforts is driving portfolio companies to net zero emissions by 2050 through credible targets and transition plans for reducing their scope 1, scope 2, and material scope 3 emissions,” NBIM states.


Read the full article here (source: NordSIP)


NordSIP Insights– Impact Investing Handbook 2022

According to the latest figures from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), the global impact market is worth no less than US$715 billion and growing fast. However, what seems like great news is tinged with the knowledge that the global finance gap in the world’s efforts to combat the climate crisis is somewhere between US$2.5 and 4.8 trillion. In this third edition of NordSIP’s Impact Investing Handbook, they have assembled a broad range of insights from unique investors’ perspectives.


Access the full NordSIP Handbook here (source: NordSIP)

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