July 2023


Here are the top news, stories, observations and other interesting things we hear about in the market, relevant for selection teams and sustainable investing.


#1 NordSIP Insights: ESG Integration Casebook 2023 – “Building Sustainable Manager Relationships” (Interview with GFS on page 18)

In these times of cheap rhetoric and sweeping generalisations, it is essential to recall the true meaning of ESG and its different components. In this year’s ESG Casebook edition, NordSIP aims to do just that. Furthermore, Björn Edlund-Persson from Global Fund Search contributes to the casebook with his insights.


Read the full article here (source: NordSIP)


#2 Navigating Towards Net Zero – NordSIP Round Table Insights

An insight into the challenges in the Net Zero transition and understanding the obstacles on the way.


Read the full article here (source: NordSIP)


#3 Danish pension funds team up to press Amazon on labor rights

Danish pension fund’s values do not align with labor rights in American companies, which complicates investing in them: “Many American companies unfortunately have major challenges when it comes to respecting the right for employees to organize themselves in trade unions and bargain collectively”.


Read the full article here (source: P&I)


#4 Which SDGs should you really focus on?

If you have 169 priorities, as Lomborg says, you essentially have no priorities – Lomborg’s take on the SDG and investing to make the world a better place.


Read the full article here (source: Financial Post)


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