March 2023


Here are the top news, stories, observations and other interesting things that we hear about in the market, relevant for selection teams and sustainable investing.


#1 Integrating Conflict Risks into Macro ESG Assessments 

Northern Europe continues to lead the world in ESG, while countries that recently have been to war have lower ESG scores.


Read the full article here (source: NordSIP)


#2 IPCC: Final Call for Speedier Climate Action

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented the final Synthesis Report for the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) at a press conference in Interlaken, Switzerland, on March 20, 2023.


Read the full article here (source: NordSIP)


#3 Voluntary Carbon Markets Struggle to Weather Storm

Net-Zero carbon initiatives found targeting to avoid deforestation, however, experts in the sector plan to reveal their new initiatives by the end of Q1.


Read the full article here (source: NordSIP)


#4 The “Carbon Pirates” Preying on Amazon’s Indigenous Communities

A number of Indigenous communities in the Amazon say that “carbon pirates” have become a threat to their way of life as western companies seek to secure deals in their territories for offsetting projects.


Read the full article here (source: The Guardian)


#5 Bjorn Lomborg & Russell Brand Debate Climate Change

Bjorn Lomborg & Russel Brand discuss the criticism Lomborg received following his controversial statements about climate change.


See the full video here (source: Russel Brand YouTube)

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