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Investment Research & Manager Selection

Connecting institutional investors with the leading asset managers

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What we do

As an institutional investor you need to identify skillful asset managers and Global Fund Search provides you with a highly effective and 100% free search platform for that. Our platform is useful for investment research (no mandate defined) and for manager selection (there is a mandate to invest).

Investment Research

Making investment research is time consuming and research databases with static data is not always as good as you would like them to be.


By using the GFS platform you can anonymously post your research requirements and efficiently reach out to the global investment universe, anonymously and free of charge.


The service is especially valuable for investors who would like a more efficient research process, has a research process that is driven by qualitative information or for investors who are in a situation where their current databases are not sufficient.


We offer the following advantages


– Unique gateway to the global investment universe

– Full anonymity

– Spend less time researching (managers will come to you)

– Be independent of static data / databases

– Define any search criteria you like, quantitative as well as qualitative.

– It’s free!


>> Read more about our Research Agent here

Manager Selection

Starting a manager search process is hard work, but less so with the free GFS platform. By using our platform you can kick-start your selection process by making us responsible for generating a long list of products.


We will connect you with the global institutional investment universe and identify all the best products available for your mandate.


We will also provide a customized reporting package that is quality checked and standardized to your information requirements.

We are not consultants giving advise, instead we provide the infrastructure to execute a long list process in the most efficient way.


We offer the following advantages


– Saves you weeks of hard work!

– Global product reach, no constraints

– Well-documented process

– Customized reporting

– You are anonymous

– It’s free!


>> Read more about our Manager Selection here

Institutional reference examples

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The concept in one minute

We like free information sharing which we believe is to the benefit of both institutional investors and asset managers.

For this reason we feature a 100% free investment database and document sharing facility for both sides of the table!