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Our Research Agent (for RFI’s) is designed to support the investment research process of institutional investors.

The tool is free of charge and anonymous. 

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Research Agent

With our Research Agent, we provide a free service that allows institutional investors to reach out to the global investment universe anonymously and efficiently. The Research Agent focuses on requests where the investor does not have a well-defined mandate, i.e. research but where there is an intention to invest (if the right solution exists).

The typical use of the Research Agent includes classic investment research projects (finding relevant managers/strategies) or situations where the investor consider replacing an asset manager (need a peer group).

Unique manager depth

All asset managers in the entire GFS and P&I network (+10,000) can respond to your requests if they have a relevant product to offer. You can easily manage the process using our unique and open architecture IT-platform which allows you to dig deeper into the managers that you are presented with, save them for later or contact them directly.

GFS provides access to the entire range of managers from the smallest boutique managers, who may not necessarily be listed in the typical databases, to the largest industry leaders.

I can get as many meetings as I would like, finding time and relevance in the process is more difficult.

Patrick, Swedish Asset Owner

Quality assurance

Input quality is essential to the research process. Therefore we manage each research process (RFI) actively, i.e. we proactively reach out to, call and email asset managers to make sure that you get the most efficient and reliable search process possible.

How to use the research agent
About Global Fund Search
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How to use the research agent

Three ways to use the Research Agent:

  1. 1. Ad hoc research: Cannot find the products you need? Use the Research Agent as an additional source of input.
  2. 2. Benchmarking: Compare an existing strategy/manager with alternatives.
  3. 3. Asset Class research: If you are new to an asset class or investment theme and want inspiration from managers who are invested, use the research agent to get knowledge and arrange meetings/talks.

About Global Fund Search

GFS is an independent and privately-owned company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We facilitate an efficient flow of information between institutional investors and the best investment managers, across the globe and within all asset classes.

We work with manager selection and investment research every day, and we have a highly specialised IT platform to support the process. Combining these things makes GFS a valuable partner for many institutional investors.

Turn our scale into your own advantage! 

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