Investing in CLO's (Collateralized Loan Obligations)

Published April 2018

Investing in CLO's

CLOs are an interesting asset class with an attractive risk-return profile. The loss-adjusted return of CLO “BB” is approx. 5-6 percent per annum compared with less than 3 percent per annum for “High Yield”-bonds, which further has materially higher duration.

Still, CLOs are often compared with subprime CDOs which experienced heavy losses during the credit crisis. In our view, this is a misconception.

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Published October 2017


Investing in Life Settlements

There are plenty of reasons to invest in life settlements. This alternative investment has developed due to a unique necessity and has caused a positive impact for both institutional investors and the insured individual.


The prolonged low interest rate environment is forcing investors to embark on paths away from traditional assets

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Published August 2017

Investing in convertibles bonds

There is the potential for further rates volatility in 2017. CBs are well suited to this type of environment as they exhibit lower interest rate sensitivity than conventional bonds due to their embedded optionality. The asset class has historically performed well in periods of rate rises.

Furthermore, a trend towards normalisation in rates plus the reversal of the pattern of money chasing central bank liquidity has led to signs of the start of a ‘great rotation’. As investors migrate away from fixed income and into equities, CBs represent an ideal intermediate stop. For fixed income investors looking for lower duration with equity upside they make a lot of sense and the defensive benefits of the product are also attractive for equity investors, who feel the risks facing markets are not fully priced in.

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Published July 2017

Taking a smarter approach to investing

“Smart beta” continues to capture the attention of investors. In the latest annual smart beta survey conducted by FTSE Russell1, 60% of respondent asset owners in Europe said they had an allocation to smart beta, up from last year’s 52% and the 40% in 2015.

But what is smart beta?

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Published May 2017

Why should I invest in emerging markets debt (EMD) now?

EMD has matured significantly over the past 15 years and we believe EMD should increasingly be a key long-term component in every investor’s portfolio. In this piece, we would like to highlight a few key reasons why we believe EMD currently offers an attractive investment opportunity for long-term investors.


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