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About the Leaders Universe

As a leading ‘search platform’ for institutional asset owners and from our close partnership with Pensions & Investments, Global Fund Search has unique access and insight into the work and preferences of institutional selection teams around the globe. The knowledge we accumulate ultimately makes us able to systematically identify the leading asset managers, e.g. within sustainable investing.

Sustainable investing is one of the major themes that we see among our investor-clients today, and it is a theme that is likely to play an important role in institutional investing for many years to come. Therefore, we dedicate this section of our platform to the leading asset managers and products that we, and our investor-network, see in this space.

Sustainable Equity Leaders

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ESG philosophy

Sustainability is integral to Storebrand’s business. This means we evaluate economic, social and environmental aspects before we make any decisions. Our long-term vision for the year 2050 is a world where nine billion people live well, and within the earth’s natural limits. Our standard for sustainable investments is based on the assumption that the companies which contribute to solving society’s problems in a sustainable way will also be the most profitable in the long run. We therefore believe the Storebrand Standard, which we apply to all investments, should help to maximize long-term sustainable returns for our clients.

Storebrand was the first Norwegian company to establish a sustainable investment department in 1995, and we have one of the most experienced environmental, social and governance (ESG) teams in the Nordic region. Since 2010, ESG analysis has been steadily integrated into the daily risk management and company selection processes of Storebrand’s fund managers.

The following elements form Storebrand’s sustainable investment strategy:

  1. Risk reduction through exclusions
  2. Picking the best performers through a sustainability rating
  3. Exerting influence through active ownership

We are also founding signatories of the UNPRI and were recently announced as a member of the 2019 UN PRI Leaders Group. You can find more on Storebrand at About the UNPRI Leaders Group you can read  more at Storebrand has been awarded the highest score possible (A+) by UN PRI.

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The Cost of ESG

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